The Overlook with Matt Peiken

Harmony at Home and on the Road | The Resonant Rogues

October 20, 2023 Matt Peiken Episode 100
The Overlook with Matt Peiken
Harmony at Home and on the Road | The Resonant Rogues
Show Notes

The Resonant Rogues allowed The Overlook to use their "Maker's Song" as the show theme. It's only fitting to have Sparrow and Keith, the heart of the band, as guests for the show's 100th episode—closing a week of episodes recorded Sept. 27 in front of an audience at the Tina McGuire Theatre, inside the Wortham Center for the Performing Arts.

Here, Sparrow and Keith tell how two itinerant musicians stopped in Asheville long enough to find each other and build lives together around their music. We also delve into the personal nature of their new music and hear them perform a couple songs from their upcoming album.

The Resonant Rogues formally launch the album with a full band performance Nov. 17 at the Grey Eagle.

Photo by Meredith Katz.

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The Overlook theme song, "Maker's Song," comes courtesy of the Asheville band The Resonant Rogues.

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